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8 and 16mm Movies to Video
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Why transfer film to DVD ?

  • Convenience- DVD is easier to use.
  • Share memories- send a copy to family and friends.
We can transfer 8mm, super 8mm, and 16mm film to DVD/Digital File
  • Opening and a closing title can be added.
  • for $5.00 each.
  • Custom made label and plastic sleeve for your tape.

Background music can be added for $10 per hour.

DVD with Menu only $25.00

Additional DVD copy only $10.00

Preparation for transfer:

  • Number the film reels in order to be transfer to DVD.
  • If you provide music, please number songs or tracks from your Tape or CD.
  • Complete the order form and send your films to the address below.

Please determine cost from chart:

8mm/super8 film 16mm film
Total film footage Price per foot Total film footage Price per foot
Setup Fee $20.00 Setup Fee $20.00
50'-4999' 9 cents 50'-1999' 20 cents
5000 - up 8 cents 2000'- up 16 cents
Titles $5.00 each Titles $5.00 each
Q. How long it takes? A. It takes 2 weeks from the time that we receive to complete process.All reels and Tapes or CD's (if any provides) will be return back in original condition.
Order Form