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Pictures and Slides to DVD
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Transferring Pictures and Slides to DVD

DVD is a convenient, interesting, and sometimes entertaining way to view pictures and slides

This is how World Video does it:
  • We zoom in on the picture or slide. Our intent is to have it fill as much of the television screen as possible. However, the quality of the photography provided will affect the ability to do this.
  • Each picture or slide is photographed for 6 seconds, resulting in a 6-second pause before the next one is viewed.
  • A transition effect, such as fading, dissolving, wiping, page peel, etc., placed between each picture and slide .
  • One or more titles are added, for $5.00 each. (This is optional)
  • Smooth jazz or classical background music is added for $10.00 per hour, (the "Classic" World Video option.)
  • Or, you can provide the music and we add it at no additional charge, (creating a "My World" Music Video.)
  • (And, there is one more option.) To switch from a picture to a slide or, a slide to a picture is $3.00 per switch.

The customer needs to plan for video success. Here are some valuable tips:

  • Number pictures and slides.
  • If the slides are in a carousel, have them arranged in the proper order.
  • And, names of background songs or tracks need to be written on a separate piece of paper.

All pictures, slides, tapes, and CD's will be returned to the customer.

Please check price chart, below:
Pictures Slides
SETUP FEE $20.00 SETUP FEE $20.00
1- 299 $1.25 1 - 499 $0.85
300 - 599 $1.15 500 - 999 $0.80
600 - 999 $1.05 1000 - 1999 $0.75
1000 - UP $1.00 2000 - UP $0.70
Add music $10.00 per hour Add music $10.00 per hour
DVD $25.00 DVD $25.00
Add titles $5.00 each Add titles $5.00 each
Switch between Pictures and slides $3.00 per switch Switch between Slides and pictures $3.00 per switch

Additional DVD or VHS copy only $10.00

Order Form