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Will videotape memories last a lifetime? No. Videotapes degrade each time they are played. Sometimes, VCRs damage them. Moreover, proper storage cannot preserve their picture quality.

Can anything be done to save videotape memories? Yes, World Video Electronics, Inc. transfers them to long lasting digital videodisks, or DVDs. DVDs preserve the present-day quality for years to come.

  • Master videotape formats accepted for conversion to DVD: Beta; S-VHS; VHS; VHS-C; 8/Hi8; Digital8 & MiniDV.
  • Conversions up to 1 Hour --------$15.00
  • Conversions up to 2 Hours ------$20.00
  • DVD copies---------- $10.00
  • We combine up to 2 Videotapes onto 1 DVD for the same price.
  • If we combine more than 2 Videotapes, there is a fee of $2.50 for each additional tape.
  • Our price includes: high quality DVD media, custom made label and plastic case.

Life time Kodak Preservation DVD (24k Gold) available upon request . Add $6.00 to regular cost.

Large orders receive a discount. Please, contact us for further details.

Order Form