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Transferring Movie Film to DVD

Q. How many feet of 8mm, super 8 or 16mm film fits on one 2-hour tape or DVD? A. One 2 hour VHS tape or DVD can hold up to 1600 feet of regular 8mm film; up to 2000 feet of super 8 film; and, up to 4200 feet of 16mm film.
Q. Can you mix several types of film on a DVD? A. Yes. We can mix 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film all on one tape or DVD.
Q. What type of master tape will be used for transferring movie film to videotape or DVD? A. We use regular mini DVD tape. However we can make SVHS tape upon request for an additional $10.00 per tape. Mini DV tape has a maximum 1-hour playback time.
Q. If I don't have projector, how do I put each reel in the correct order? A. To put the reels in order, look for a date on the reels or on the envelope from the developer. If this information is not available, you will need to choose the order for transferring the movie film to videotape.
Q. What kind of back ground music is used? A. We use classical or light jazz music. However we are gladly can use music which you will provide.
Q. Why do I need an additional copy? A. First of all for secure purpose, just in case if your VCR may damage the tape . Second easy to share memories with your family and friends. Additional copies are only $10.00 on VHS & $10.00 on DVD
Q. How long does it take to transfer film to videotape or DVD? A. Processing of your order takes about 2 weeks from the date it is received by us. However, processing usually takes longer during the Christmas holidays. The best way to be informed is to e-mail or call us.

International Videotape Conversion

Q. When does videotape need to be converted? A. A better question to ask is, "What country will this tape be viewed in? Different TV standards exist in different parts of the world. The videotape will need to be in one of three TV standards: NTSC, PAL, or SECAM.
Q. What is NTSC? A. NTSC (National Television Systems Committee) The broadcasting system used in the USA. Video systems conform to 525 line, 59.94 field-per-second signal standard.
Q. What is PAL? A. PAL (Phase Alternate Line) 625line , 50 field-per-second television signal standard used in Europe, South America and others locations. It's incompatible with NTSC.
Q. What is SECAM? A. SECAM (Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire) or (Sequential Color with Memory) 625 line, 50 field-per-second television signal used in Eastern Europe and France.
Q. Will the quality of the videotape conversion be as good as the original videotape? A. Yes, we use a professional digital video converter.
Q. How long does it take to convert videotape to another standard? A. After we receive your videotape, allow one day for tape conversion.

Transferring Pictures & Slides to DVD

Q. What will be the length of my videotape? A. We allow 10 seconds per picture or slide. This means that each is filmed for 7 seconds. Then, for the next 3 seconds, a special affect is used to make a smooth transition to the next picture or slide. This means that approximately 6 pictures or slides will be viewed each minute. So, divide your total number of pictures or slides by 10, then you will know the approximate length of your new video.
Q. How many pictures or slides can you fit on a 2-hour videotape or DVD? A. We can put as many as 1200 pictures or slides on a 2 hour tape or DVD.
Q. What will it look like? A. The finished product will resemble a slideshow.
Q. Can you enhance my video by adding background music? A. Yes, we can. In fact, we can use classical or light jazz music.
Q. May I provide my choice of music? A. Yes, you may.
Q. Do I get my pictures and slides back? A. Yes. the original pictures and slides will be returned, along with any CD's or music tapes that you may have provided.
Q. Why do you recommend additional copies? A. For security, in case your VCR damages the master tape. Also, additional copies make it easy for you to share your memories with your family and friends. Additional copies only cost $10.00 each.
Q. How does the quality of the pictures or slides appear on a TV screen? A. The quality will be very good on a TV screen, but not as good as the original picture or slide. This is because a standard TV is limited to a maximum of 500 lines of resolution.
Q. How long does it take to transfer pictures or slides to DVD? A. It takes about 2 weeks to process your order from the date we receive it. However, it may take longer during the Christmas holiday season. It is best to check with us via E-mail or call us.